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Newsletter for October

Newsletter for September

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Important information regarding school opening in September. Please read ALL the following information and keep to the expectations outlined below. More information will be sent home with children in September.

School opens to children in Years 1-6 on Wednesday 2nd September.

Reception children will attend either mornings or afternoons for these first 3 days starting on 2nd September – information was sent home regarding this. From the week beginning Monday 7th September, Reception children should attend school full time arriving between 8.35am and 8.40am. Home time for picking up is 3.15pm

Temporary changes to start and end of day times:

Years ​2, 4 and 6 - Arrive between 8.35am and 8.40am. Home time 3.15pm

Years 1,3 and 5 - Arrive between 8.50am and 8.55am. Home time 3.25pm.​

Children MUST be brought to school and collected on time. Several local schools now charge parents for not collecting their child on time at the end of the school day! 

Keep the number of adults or family members collecting children on the school site to a minimum - only one person if possible. If you have children starting at both 8.35 and 8.55am, it is fine to wait on the playground. 

If it rains, we will bring children in as soon as possible and as soon as teachers are ready.​

High School children collecting younger brothers or sisters should NEVER bring their friends onto school site for any reason.​

Contact information

It is essential that parents keep school updated regarding mobile / home / work phone numbers. If your child falls ill during the school day, we MUST be able to contact someone immediately.

Speaking to school staff

If you need to speak to a member of school staff, please wear a face covering. If you don’t have a face mask with you and want to speak to a member of staff, please DON’T attempt to do so – please go to the school office to leave your message or email school to leave a message.

School Dinners

Parentpay will show the hot and cold lunches that are available. Please book and pay before Thursday ​27th August 12pm.

If your home circumstances have changed and you believe your child may be entitled to a free school meal, please download the form from the main front page of our website and either bring it back to school on the first day or send it to the address on the form.

Healthy Snacks for Playtime

There will be NO TUCK SHOP for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Children in these year groups should bring their own healthy snack from home.

Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 will continue to receive a piece of fruit. Children aged under 5 will continue to receive milk. Children aged 5 and over in these year groups can receive milk if ordered online by parents. Ask at the office for details if required.

Will children mix with other classes or year groups?

Year groups will not mix with other year groups. Children will only mix with other children in their year group. There will be minimal mixing of teachers and learning support staff across year groups.

Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered. 

At any one time there will only be two year groups in the hall to eat lunch and only one year group on each playground. the exception to this will be a sectioned off area of the hall for children who require support to eat or are slower eaters - this will be socially distanced seating. UPDATE: We have found we can accommodate more year groups in the hall and maintain seating that is front facing social distancing. From Thursday 3rd September more than 2 year groups may be in the hall at any one time. There will be NO face to face seating. On the playground at lunchtime, areas will be separated off for each year group ensuing bubbles don't mix.

What can my child bring to school?

Lunch boxes / bags – bring daily and wipe clean inside and outside each evening. There is no need to bring packed lunches in disposable bags – just keep lunchboxes and bags clean.

School bags / book bags – bring daily

PE kits – bring on Mondays, take home on Fridays. Wash over the weekend OR wear PE kit on PE days. Avoid shorts - wear jogging bottoms, leggings etc.

It is a legal requirement for children to take part in PE lessons. Please ensure your child has their kit in school.

Tissues – send your child to school with their own pack of tissues if they have a cold or hay-fever etc. Ensure your child knows how to blow their nose!

Pencil Cases – children should NOT bring a pencil case to school. All necessary equipment is provided by school.

Toys, items of interest should NOT be brought to school. Historically younger children have bought items for “show and tell” or awards they have achieved outside school. For the time being, these should not be brought to school.

Mobile Phones – Year 6 ONLY who are walking home alone. These will be collected at the beginning of the school day and returned at home time. NO other year groups should bring phones to school.

Hand sanitizer –It is NOT necessary for children to bring this to school – school has a full stock of antibacterial soap and washing facilities.  If you want your child to use a gel sanitizer, they should bring it in a labelled bottle and they should understand it is not to be shared.

Medication – If your child is on any type of medication and a dose is required during school time, a form must be completed and handed in to the office before it can be administered.


Ensure all school uniform has your child’s name written on it. Check their uniform regularly after washing to ensure the name is still there.


Historically children have brought sweets to school to share with classmates when it is their birthday. We would ask that at this time children do NOT bring birthday sweets to share. ​


If you have COVID 19 symptoms do NOT come to our school site. 

If your child has COVID 19 symptoms do NOT bring them to school.

Anyone ​you ask to bring your child to school - family members, friends etc. should NOT come to our site if they have COVID 19 symptoms.

If you or your child have symptoms, please get a COVID 19 test immediately. If your child is tested, they should only return to school if their test is negative.​

If your child shows any symptoms of COVID 19, please keep them off school and have them tested immediately.

Inform school of the test result as soon as you have it.

If we see COVID 19 symptoms in your child, we will contact you to collect your child immediately. Again, they will need to be tested straight away and you should inform school of the results as soon as possible.

In the event of a case of COVID 19 in one class, all children and staff associated with that class or year group will be required to self-isolate for the number of days stated by the government at that time.