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Great Bridge Primary School is highly inclusive. For the most recent development plans for Special Needs and Disabilities, see also the Documents and Policies sections for the School Improvement Plan (particularly sections 5a and 5b) and the Accessibility Plan.




Universal Offer

What the school provides for all children:

A good quality education most suited to your child’s personality and capabilities. Although we are a large school with over 440 children, we retain our family atmosphere and our ethos of:


All valued, all achieving and all equal



This includes the following:

 - A range of transition visits and thorough transfer of information between teachers – both academic and pastoral

 - High quality planning to meet individual learning needs

 - Good and often outstanding teaching, often facilitated in smaller than average group sizes

 - Rigorous assessment systems for all ages and abilities

 - Parent evenings and an open door policy for discussing any concerns

 - A sophisticated system of short booster ‘sessions’ or interventions to enable swift “catch up” when children are struggling

 - Pastoral support led by dedicated staff – Learning Mentor and PSA



Additional SEN Support

What the school provides for children not making excepted levels of progress


This includes the following:

 - Small group “catch up” sessions with a teacher or assistant

 - Specific intervention programs over a period of time

 - Analysis of learning and barriers to learning, monitoring progress and next learning steps

 - Involvement of outside professionals for advice (e.g. Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapists, physiotherapists etc.)


Specialist Provision – Focus Provision:  Reception to Year 6

The Inclusion Support Service, in liaison with Great Bridge Primary and other professionals provide information regarding placements within the Focus Provision


What does the Focus Provision do?

We provide 8 places for children aged from Reception to Year 6 who need a high level of support during their education. Focus Provision places are allocated via the Education Health Care Plan assessment process.

    ​Please note: Our Focus Provision is currently full. If you are seeking a Focus Provision place, please speak to Inclusion Support for advice.


Our Focus Provision provides a high level of 1:1 support, a specialist teaching area including physio therapy room and sensory environment. Many children go on to thrive in the main school setting with the Focus Provision additional specialist support.


The Great Bridge Primary Focus Provision specialises in supporting children with ASD and with physical / medical / complex needs.


Accessing a place in the Focus Provision

Parents can speak to their EP (Education Psychologist) during the EHCP assessment process and discuss if their child would benefit from being in a primary school with a Focus Provision rather than a mainstream school. EPs can provide further information about Focus Provisions as well as enquire about the availability of places etc. Additional information can be accessed from the SEN / Inclusion department or from the SENco of Great Bridge Primary - Mrs Chappell (email at the bottom of this page.)



Education, Health and Care Plans

The school may seek an EHCP in order to provide additional support for children with severe and complex needs.


Provision may include highly tailored programmes of study, facilitated by our highly trained staff, specific interventions as advised by outside professionals, specialist equipment. When appropriate, staff receive specific training to enable them to meet an individual need.



Children with SEN at Great Bridge Primary

As a result of effective systems to identify and meet pupils’ needs, those who have disabilities and those with special educational needs make good progress. Excellent training of teaching assistants ensures that they challenge the pupils they work with to make the very best progress they can.


Care and assessment procedures in the ‘focused provision’ for the assessment of Nursery aged children are good. During their time at the school, their basic skills are developed well and teachers make effective plans which help to improve learning in areas related to their particular special educational needs.


Leadership and management of special educational needs provision, including for children assessed within the ‘focused provision’, is very strong. Procedures for checking pupils’ progress and organising support that has a positive impact on progress are innovative and detailed.

Ofsted January 2014


Schools have funding from the Department for Education to help them to put in programmes and support for children with special educational needs and/or disability.


If your child has a special need or disability we will:


 - Talk to you about your child’s difficulties in learning or disability so we can understand their needs.

 - Make an assessment of your child’s learning so we know which skills they need to learn next.

 - Ask the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) to support and advise teachers so that your child can learn in the best way for him/her.

 - Have a range of programmes to help children who need extra support to read, write, learn maths or manage their behaviour.

 - Check on progress at least once a term and invite you to a meeting to discuss that progress.

 - Ask for advice from an educational psychologist, advisory teacher, speech and language therapist or health colleague if we are unsure how to help your child make progress.

 - Tell you how to get in touch with Parent Partnership Services who can offer advice and support

 - Inform you about how to make a complaint if you are not happy with what we are doing to support your child

 - Talk to you if we think we need to consider asking the local authority to make a Statutory Assessment of your child’s needs because more advice/resources are needed to help your child to make progress.


If you require any specific information regarding SEND provision at Great Bridge Primary, please use the contact information below:


Direct email to the Headteacher:


SENco email:



The attached document on this page shows the different support provided for children according to their learning needs. It is called a provision map:


Provision Map